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Shelly + Randy= Shandy


We’re a husband and wife team who found vegan culinary curiosity through compassion of animals, food, and each other.


Disturbed that a hangleburger (hamburger- it’s not only gross but tough to say as kid) was actually a cow, Shelly became a vegetarian as a child. Randy, a Midwest native, became a vegetarian shortly after dating Shelly as he found the cooking to be far more enjoyable. A few hundred Garden Burgers later and in the middle of their one year wedding anniversary at a bed & breakfast in Napa Valley, Shelly and Randy suddenly became vegan. Though it was bad timing (non-vegan bed & breakfast places tend to rely on solely dairy products but, don’t worry we got fruit!), Randy and Shelly have never felt better and more excited about food. It’s been over four years and we’ve built an amazing bunch of recipes, are constantly adding, and would like to share our passion with you. We hope Shandy Sense fulfills your sense and senses.