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Ingredients for Not-Chicken

• 16 oz package of Tofu (vacuum packed is best. Otherwise be sure to drain the tofu)

• ¼ cup unsweetened non-dairy milk

• 1 tsp hot sauce (we used Tapatio)

• ⅛ tsp liquid smoke

• 1 cup all purpose flour (gluten free works too)

• 1 ½ tsp creole seasoning

• 2 tbs non-dairy butter cold

• Cooking spray


Ingredients for Waffles (GF)

• ¾ cup Garbanzo-Fava Bean flour (or just garbanzo)

• ¾ c. Brown or white rice flour

• ½ c. Tapioca flour (or starch)

• 2 Tbs Flax meal or ground flax seeds (optional)

• 1 tbs Baking Powder

• 1 tsp Xanthan gum

• ¾ tsp salt

• 2 cups of non-dairy milk (I like using Almond milk for this recipe)

• 3 eggs equivalent in Ener-G egg replacer.

• 1 tsp vanilla

• 1 tbs agave syrup

• ⅓ cup Oil (canola or melted coconut oil)

• 1 banana sliced (optional)




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Not-Chicken (beause we friggin' LOVE chickens and want them to be alive) and Waffles


Preheat the oven to 375, oil a cookie sheet or baking pan

1. Mix together the milk, hot sauce, and liquid smoke in a bowl

2. Combine flour and creole seasoning in a bowl. Add the cold butter and “cut” it into the mixture using a pastry knife or two butter knives in a scissoring action.

3. Cut the tofu in half and then each half into 4 (8 fillets in all, yay math!)

4. Dip the tofu in the liquid mixture and then dredge it in the flour and butter mixture. Be sure to push the flour mixture into the tofu to ensure it is sticking.

5. Place tofu on your baking sheet and cook in the oven for 8 minutes. Flip them over and then cook for 8 more minutes. Make sure the tofu is a nice golden brown.



1. Combine all dry ingredients and whisk until combined in a large bowl. Add milk, vanilla, egg-replacer, and agave to dry ingredients and stir until combined. Add the oil and stir until it is mixed. Add banana if using (which if you’re cooking for Shelly, you better. Otherwise, it isn’t pretty.)

2. Lightly spray your waffle iron with oil and cook to the iron’s specifications. Typically, we use a little over a ½ cup of batter for each waffle.


VARIATION: Don’t have all the gluten free flours? Substitute the first three ingredients with 2 cups of any all purpose gluten free flour (like Bob’s Red Mill brand). Be careful with the wetness of the mixture, each gluten free flour has a different response to moisture.

VARIATION: Love gluten? Yeah, us too... Just sub out all the flours for 2 cups of all purpose flour. Also, eliminate the xanthan gum.